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//  Solo Guitar
//   Cello & Guitar Duet
//  Guitar Duo


//  Beginner
//  Intermediate
//  Advanced 
//  Ensemble

" inspired me to begin classical guitar lessons. I was taking steel string lessons at the time and had been told I was too old to learn classical. You advised me to find a new teacher, and I did. I have been taking lessons for two years now and really enjoying the process........

I really thank you for your advice a couple of years ago as I am having a wonderful time learning, especially now that I have retired and have time to practice. 
Thank you!                                     "  



//  House Concerts 
//  Gallery Openings
//  Anniversaries
// Holiday Parties
"August 1994 found us outside a cafe in Quebec City celebrating our new life together..... As beautiful solo guitar music wafted around us on a lovely sunny today, the tone was perfect and I proposed marriage to my beautiful Anne. We were married two years later and this year we celebrate 20 years. Before we left the cafe we wandered down below to where you were sitting with your guitar beside a stack of CDs. We thanked you for your beautiful, sensitive music that had been such a huge part of our experience that day, and bought your CD, 'Ame De Guitare'. We have played it regularly for 22 years and cherish every note of your beautiful playing to this day. Thank you for being such a huge part of our life.                              "
(Howard & Anne Baer)


// Rehearsal Dinner
// Ceremony
// Reception
// Dinner
"Few musicians can perform fully with both sophistication and heart, but Petra did just that. She has a wide and wonderful repertoire, and she learned music specifically for our ceremony, both of which were the perfect accompaniment to our wedding and reception dinner. I cannot recommend her more highly."
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