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 ... My brief visit with you in Santa Fe was one of my more memorable experiences while in Santa Fe. I love listening to you play, and I continue to enjoy your CDs. Best wishes to you as you continue to progress in your career. You are incredibly talented!    (Liela)

Enjoy!  I really liked your CD - will listen again tonite while cooking dinner and drinking some good red wine!


....bought your CD, 'Ame De Guitare'. We have played it regularly for 22 years and cherish every note of your beautiful playing to this day. Thank you for being such a huge part of our life.     (Howard & Anne)

 I have listed to all 4 of your CD's and I am very very pleased. Your talent is really beyond reproach. Each CD has particular reasons why I like it. Can't tell you how much it all brightened my day! Your music is as beautiful as you are, inside and out. I could tell you have a wonderful heart for people and you most certainly have a wonderful heart for music. I could tell by watching you how much your music means to you. It's the expression you put out there while your playing. The guitar seems to be an extension of who you are. Thank you for making my day. I look forward to listening to you over and over.


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